Alison + Justin

Hi future family! Our names are Alison and Justin.

We met in a beach town in California in 2014. Very quickly in our relationship, we learned how close we both were with our families.

As things began to get more serious, we began having conversations about growing our family through adoption. We both know people who are adopted, so it's always felt very normal and natural to us.

We are so excited to give you a glimpse into our lives and hope to one day welcome you and your child into our growing family!

About Alison

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"Within 5 minutes of meeting Alison, I knew I was going to fall for her. It was her passion that initially drew me in, and I was able to quickly see her kindness, intelligence, and how genuine she was.

To this day, I can feel myself becoming a better person every day as a result of all of her amazing qualities! She's one of the most patient people I know, she's very thoughtful, and - most importantly - loves to bake dessert.

She's a huge nerd when you get to know her, too, and I love it! Just ask her one Harry Potter question and you'll see this for yourself.

In our family, Alison keeps us on track. She genuinely cares for people and has a huge heart - she will make an incredible mom."

-- Justin

About Justin

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"Justin brought me home for Thanksgiving with his family after only 2 months of dating. He didn't know this at the time, but watching him with his family and playing with his little niece and nephew was when I fell in love with him.

Life with this dork is my favorite. Justin is the funniest, kindest, most determined, and supportive person that I know. He continues to surprise me every day with his growth and love of learning.

Justin was born to be a dad and is filled to the brim with dad jokes. I can't wait to see him live up to his potential as Phil Dunphy from Modern Family! He is the rock of our family, and - best of all - does the dishes :)"


About Jojo

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Our sweet baby girl, Jojo, is a Wheaten Terrier and was born in 2016.

She is goofy, awkward, and such a gentle dog. She loves endless head scratches, hugs, and cuddling. She melts in hot weather and shivers after baths.

Jojo also has a ton of nicknames including: boobie, booberry muffin, tater tot, little miss thang, and scooper. She will make the best big sister!

Epic Movie Nights!

We love to balance busy days with quieter evenings.

The ability to slow down and enjoy quality time together as a family has become very important to us. One of our favorite traditions is "epic movie night!"

We change into comfy pajamas, pick a great movie, bring in dinner, have dessert, and leave our phones in another room so there are no distractions. It's a simple tradition - we love it!

We like to travel

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We love to travel and do it often!

Our honeymoon was our favorite trip - we visited Banff and Lake Louise up in Canada. Here are some of the highlights from this special vacation.

Our family is spread across the US, which means we travel a lot! We've collectively visited over 35 states and 11 countries, and can't wait to visit more.

We are so excited to continue traveling the world with our future child, showing them new places, and trying new things.

Our families

We are both very close with our families and try to spend as much time with them as we can! We love to travel together, celebrate birthdays, facetime, and zoom any chance we get.

Between our 3 siblings, our family has grown over the years to welcome multiple nephews and a niece. We love being an aunt and uncle, and cannot wait to keep growing our family!

Can't hurt that we have a few built-in babysitters already on call ;)

We like to laugh!

One of our family values is to not take life too seriously. We are here to love and laugh, and we make a point to do this daily!

Our ability to laugh with each other creates a strong foundation for our relationship - and makes life so much more fun!

Our commitment

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Our family foundation is built upon trust, communication, laughter, and togetherness. We are committed to maintaining this foundation as we welcome you and a child into our family, while continuing to be present, supportive, and loving.

Our child will be encouraged to pave their own path. We want them to try new things and find their passions. This is their journey and we'll be at their side the whole time. We are committed to being stable, flexible, and reliable with you as we build our relationship over time.

At the end of the day, our goal is to raise a good person who is kind, thoughtful, and curious. We believe childhood is a special time for kids to explore and learn - growing into the awesome person they were meant to be. We can't wait to grow a loving family!

THANK YOU for taking the time to learn more about us! We are so excited about the potential of welcoming you into our family. We hope to have the opportunity to get to know you soon :)

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