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We are Michelle & Daniel from Texas! We are confident you are experiencing many different feelings in your desire to find the best adoptive parents for your child. We also realize that you may find yourself in difficult circumstances, which we believe makes you extremely courageous for considering adoption for your child. We are extremely grateful for your decision and this incredible chance to make you feel secure and proud of your choice of choosing an adoption plan. In 2017, we were so fortunate to have adopted our son and now we are looking to complete our family through adoption, once again. We are a family full of love and optimism and we are so excited to be adding a new family member soon.

How We Met and Our Blended Families!

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Our love story began after a chance meeting while we were country dancing with mutual friends and it quickly blossomed into the most special relationship. We had a relatively short courtship, but to us, it didn't feel that way, it just felt right. We got engaged within five months and were married even before our first year dating anniversary - that was seven years ago.

We have a lot of similarities, but we also have differences in our upbringings that we feel have allowed us to experience many new things together and broaden our interests in each other's lives, ones that we have chosen to expose our son to as well. We couldn't be happier that we happened to meet that one fateful night.

Our wedding day was one of the happiest for us for many reasons but one of the most important reasons was that we knew, soon, we wanted to start a family. We value family more than anything in the world. We are a culturally diverse family. It is great for everyone because we are able to learn from each other's backgrounds and heritages. We feel so blessed to have a culturally diverse family because we are able to share our traditions with our son. He is learning Spanish as well as English and we are so grateful for that!

Pinatas were a big part of Michelle's birthday parties growing up and we are continuing that tradition for our son as well as our future child. Also, Michelle loves to salsa dance and hopes to teach our children the love for different kinds of dancing. We are looking forward to continuing to travel the world with our children to be able to teach and expose them to different cultures! We get together quite often with both sides of our families and we feel very fortunate to be able to spend so much time together. Between the two families, we have five nieces and nephews and a lot of our family time is centered around all of the children's activities.

Why We Chose Adoption!

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We have experienced a lot of loss over the years as we tried to start our family through many IVF procedures and two separate surrogates. After our experiences we decided to choose adoption as our way to start our family - and we are so incredibly happy we did! It has been the most rewarding experience we could have ever dreamed about and we are looking forward to adopting again and completing our family.

Our son is the most special child we could have ever hoped for and we want to bring another baby into our home to not only complete our family but to give this new baby the best home we can.

Our Beautiful Son!

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Words cannot accurately describe the incredible joy and gratitude we felt the day we became parents. It was the happiest day of our lives!

Our son is the smartest, sweetest, gorgeous, most special little boy we could have ever hoped for or imagined. He has changed our lives for the better in so many ways and we cannot wait to watch him become a big brother!

Our Home Lives!

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We live on a few acres, a few miles outside of our town and have lived there now for six years. We absolutely love it. It is quiet, peaceful and spacious and a great place for any child to grow up. We have a large in-ground pool, a huge playscape, a zip line, 4-wheelers, a golf cart, a tractor and a 5th wheel trailer that we travel in and around the United States. We are definitely a family who travels because we believe traveling allows for growth and allows people to experience so many cultures and so many different things.

We have two, beautiful rescue dogs - our boy is a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix and our girl is a Black Lab. We rescued them shortly before we adopted our son and we are very fortunate that they are like two peas in a pod-they love each other. We brought them home on the same day in 2016 and they have been best friends ever since.

Lastly, We Promise!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our hopes and dreams of becoming second time parents. We wish you peace in your journey and whatever your decision is, please know that it will be the right one for you and your child.

We would be deeply honored to be chosen as your child's adoptive parents. We promise to nurture and care for your child for the rest of our lives and bring them into a family of great love and compassion. We promise to teach and instill wonderful values of home and family and perhaps encourage adoption in our children when they decide to start their families. Thank you for your continued strength and courage and we hope our profile has touched you in a positive way.

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