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Hello! Adoption represents hope and new beginnings for us. When we felt at the end of our rope, not sure where God was leading us, adoption brought a whole new level of excitement and a hope that we didn't know was possible.

Why Adoption?

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It has been a long road to adoption for Dave and I. We married 8 years ago in 2011 after dating for 3 years. We began trying to have kids a year later, and after it just wasn't happening, we began fertility treatments. Several years of treatments and one heartbreaking miscarriage later, we felt God leading us in another direction. Adoption is interwoven throughout both Dave's family and mine, so it was always a possibility in the back of minds. We simply didn't feel God calling us in that direction right away. However, after beginning the adoption process and attending our orientation, it was clear to us both that this was where we needed to be.

About Us

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Dave and I are the perfect example of opposites attract. He is measured, sure, precise, and very down to Earth. I, on the other hand, am spontaneous and usually "act now, think later". Together, we balance each other out. He has brought me down to Earth and forced me to slow down and think through the process of an action, and I have gently pushed him out of his comfort zone and forced him to take risks. Dave loves working outside in his shop or working on his Bronco, and I enjoy creating pretty much anything. I always have a project of some kind in the works. Together we enjoy traveling, golfing, and running. I teach History and English at a local High School along with coaching Volleyball, and Dave works as a Project Designer for an industrial construction company. We live in the rural town near Dave's family where he grew up with our vivacious dog Token. Although we do not live in the same town as my family, they are a short drive away. Both of our families are very close and we love spending time together!

Our Families

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We both grew up similarly in Christian homes and attending Christian schools. He is the third in line of two older brothers and one younger, and I am second in line with an older sister and a younger brother. We were both raised to believe that we were capable of doing anything we put our minds to. We hope to raise our child with the same mindset. We want to empower them to accomplish any goal they set out to achieve and guide and encourage them along the way. We hope to raise them knowing they are created with special gifts from our Father in Heaven and are created with a purpose and for a purpose. Above all, we want them to know they are totally and unconditionally loved by God, you, and our families.

The Adoption Process Today

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