Jake + Monica

Hello! We are so happy you are reading this and willing to get to know Jake and Monica better! We want to first take the time to acknowledge and share our appreciation for your courageous and selfless sacrifice of potentially allowing us to adopt your precious child. It will be a gift we will cherish forever because you will have made us parents and that is by far the most amazing gift we could receive. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you better!

Our Story

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We met at college in December 2010. Jake was in his first year of Graduate School, getting his Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and Monica was in her fourth year of nursing school. After meeting at a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party, it was not until the following semester that our paths crossed again at a bookstore. After hitting it off again, we decided to start talking and getting to know each other. We officially started dating in March 2011.

Jake currently works as a director of electrical engineering for a company that specializes in building aircraft training simulators. Monica, too, received her Master's degree and currently works for a local hospital system in one of their primary care clinics as a family nurse practitioner.

Our Interests

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We have always emphasized the importance of a well-rounded relationship. We love traveling together and some of our most favorite places to visit include: Hawaii, Germany, Norway, Austria, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Iceland, and South Korea. When we are not traveling, you can most likely find us spending quality time with our family, friends, our cat, Nala and our two dogs, Leo and Darwin. You can also find us watching sports, particularly football and baseball, but we also love a good hockey game, too. We enjoy cooking and building furniture and other fun things in our workshop! We can say with confidence there is never a dull moment in our house!

Why Adoption

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Adoption has always been something we felt called to do. We had discussed our interest in adoption before we were even engaged, so it was something we knew we would be interested in. We have had at least 2 miscarriages and through that pain, God opened our hearts to starting our adoption journey. We have been blessed to be on this journey because it has not only brought us the opportunity to be parents, but it has also led us to you.

We are so excited to join two completely different families, families that are not biologically related, but related by faith, hope, and love in whatever way feels comfortable to you. Your selfless decision would complete our family. That is what makes adoption so beautiful.

Your decision to make us parents will be something we will cherish forever. It will allow us to continually grow and learn, together as a couple. We look forward to cultivating and nourishing a new meaningful relationship with you if that is what you choose.

Our Home

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Our home will always be a safe, warm, comforting, and welcoming place. We live in a very family-oriented neighborhood. Our neighborhood has 2 catch and release fishing ponds, a playground, a splash pad, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse. During the summer months our homeowners association has food trucks outside our clubhouse that offers delicious meals and treats to choose from. Around Halloween we have a Fall Festival filled with community and all things Halloween. When college football season kicks off, we have chili cook-offs. They even started a pooch plunge for families to bring their pups to the pool!

Our home is also a gathering place for many friends and families. We have wonderful traditions around the holidays. Some our favorites are putting up the Christmas lights on our house and preparing and eating our big Thanksgiving meal. Our families and friends will always be very important to us.

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