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Dear Expectant Parents, We are thankful that you are taking the time to learn about us and consider us as possible adoptive parents for your child. We can not imagine how difficult this decision must be for you. There is so much we want to share with you to help you find the right family for your child, but more than anything else we want you to know how much we admire you for your ability to bravely walk through this pregnancy and create an adoption plan. We know you are making this decision because you want to do what is best for your child. It is such a loving sacrifice to create this adoption plan for your child and we would be grateful to be a part of your plan. We will always honor you by continuing to teach your child about how much you love her or him. Your child will always be loved, nutured, guided and encouraged. There is no way to express how thankful we are or how much love we have to offer your child and hope this message touches your heart and you feel a connection to us as you consider potential parents.

How We Met

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We first met through mutual friends, and after a short conversation, we found out we had a lot in common. We became best friends shortly thereafter, and were engaged in 2005 and were married in September 2006. We spent our honeymoon on the island of Bonaire and Belize exploring the reefs and rainforests. We started to grow our family and we were blessed with our son. Our son is a curious seven year old who can not wait to meet and play with his new adopted brother or sister.

Fun Facts about Jason

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Jason is described by people who meet him as a very gentle soul. He has many natural gifts including being kind and helpful to others, being an accomplished cyclist and serving as our family Super genius. Jason can take apart and fix ANYTHING including coming up with solutions for any problems we throw his way suddenly. Jason is playful, funny and adventurous but also very thoughtful, calm, and quietly confident. As a father, he is patient, inspiring, and steady. He will always model the behavior he wants for his family and will devote himself to helping our children to develop a confident and loving personality. Jason is the Vice President of a non-profit daycare/preschool and he works hard to make sure that the children are loved, protected and have the best care and learning experience that can be provided there. Jason has a good heart and he uses his talents to help others. He is a tender spirit.

Fun Facts About Debbie

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Debbie's greatest gift is that she goes out of her way to be extremely kind to everyone. She considers being kind and giving towards others as her special gift that she can give to, and leave with, each person she meets. Debbie is especially giving of her time to work with children (including underprivileged and children with special needs) to teach them art at elementary school and faith formation in Sunday school. Debbie has a special talent for working with children she can connect with them think and communicate with them on a level that is so fun and imaginative. Children are drawn to Debbie and her creativity they seek her out at school and church wanting to spend more time with her in creative play. Debbie has a boundless capacity to nurture and love others. Debbie is the most hardworking person I know and is always looking for more ways to help. She has a captivating sense of humor and a light-hearted calming presence and a protector when it comes to the best interests of those she loves. This is one of the many reasons she is a great mom. She plans her every moment of everyday with our son, Ashton, to ensure he has the best life experiences possible. Being married to someone as creative and loving as Debbie, the possibilities are boundless and my life with her has been a life of adventure, love, laughter and joy. Debbie can provide this kind of life for your child. A life of boundless love and happiness.

Fun Facts About Our Family

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We believe that part of what makes family relationships strong is sharing our faith, traditions and experiences together. We absolutely love celebrating the traditional holidays on every occasion. We are dedicated Christians and we practice our faith by serving others, following the teachings of the Bible and attending Faith Formation (Sunday school), and mass weekly. We have a strong family community at our church and we work hard to volunteer to help others through service work, donations, and devoting our time to teaching Sunday school to children and youth groups.

We live in a cozy ranch style home on a third of an acre with organic fruit trees and garden. Our neighborhood is a warm and welcoming family-friendly community where the kids can safely all play together and we all look out for one other. There are three nearby neighborhood parks with playgrounds, a river corridor conservation area, a nature center, and a bike trail within walking distance from our home. The ocean and mountains with good beaches, skiing and hiking are about a 2-hour drive from our home. Ashton's school is within a few blocks from our home so there is a large community of caring families with children living closely to play with in our neighborhood.

Thank you so much for reviewing our online profile.

We hope our loving message has made its way to your heart and you will feel a connection to us. It would be our honor to have your child join our family and share in our unconditional love.

We wish you grace and peace in your decision.

Love, Jason and Debbie

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