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We are thinking of you, your baby, and those who are supporting you as you go through the adoption journey. We are sending all the positive thoughts, prayers, and vibes to you.


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Thank you for taking the time to learn our story and about us through our profile book. You have so many decisions ahead of you as you walk through the adoption process; we cannot imagine the burden the decision process must be. We are beyond grateful for your strength and courage. We know that you will be going through many profiles and hope that as you go through ours, you see us, our dreams, and the family we're trying to build.

We are thinking of you, your baby, and those who are supporting you as you go through the adoption journey. We are sending all the positive thoughts, prayers, and vibes to you.

We dream of sharing our love, lives and home with a baby of our own. After being unable to have a child, adoption is our route to parenthood. Thank you for making that a possibility. We hope you enjoy our profile and getting to know more about us.

Our Story

We met ten years ago through our best friends, Slade and Lizzie. Lizzie asked Jessica if Casidhe could have her number one night after hanging out with a group of friends. Jessica said yes, and Casidhe has texted her every day since. We moved in together after two years when Jessica graduated college and started graduate school. We got married on the fourth anniversary of our first date and have been married for six years. We live in Colorado Springs with our two insanely adorable furbabies, Chunk (the dog) and Burger (the cat).

Why Adoption

We have been trying to grow our family for more than 6 years. We have an immeasurable amount of love for one another, that we dream to pour into a tiny human.

Jess has struggled with infertility, and after fertility treatments, she became pregnant with our son, Logan. We lost Logan when Jess was twenty weeks pregnant due to her intestines twisting. Because of this, it is very difficult and dangerous for her to become pregnant and successfully carry a pregnancy to term. We lost three additional pregnancies through our fertility journey. It was through these struggles that we came to the decision to adopt. We love children and dream to be parents. We have five nephews and a niece who we adore. We dream to add our own to the cousin mix and watch them grow into whomever they wish to be.

Meet Casidhe

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by Jess

Cas loves unconditionally. He has the greatest sense of humor and can always be counted on to keep reality in perspective. Casidhe has been my rock and biggest cheerleader since day one. I've always been an extremely ambitious person, and Cas has not only supported that ambition, but did whatever he could to help me achieve my goals. I truly wouldn't be the person I am without Cas as my partner.

by Cas

I really enjoy joking around, and making others laugh. I love my family and friends dearly, and I always want to help when I can, as long as others are willing to help themselves. I would describe myself as a little overprotective as well. Some of my interests include biking, skateboarding, kayaking, drawing, playing guitar, and playing video games. I currently work for a radiation test facility, where I have worked for the last ten years. I really enjoy my job, because I get to help simulate an environment similar to space, to see how long electronics will survive on a satellite. I have always loved the subject of space, so I think it's really cool to have a small part in something that will one day be in space.

Meet Jessica

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by Cas

Jessica is a fantastic partner in life. She is so compassionate and understanding, not just with me, but our friends and family as well. Jessica is a very driven person. She never quits, and she never really loses. Being where we are in life is mostly due to her drive. She is the backbone of our entire family, whether she likes it or not. I would love to say that she is hysterical, and the funniest person I know, but... she isn't, and I love her for it. She is a huge dork, and owns every bit of it, to the point where it gets embarrassing, but again, I love her for it. She is always supportive of any of my hobbies or projects and loves to watch or participate as much as she can. I seriously can go on and on about Jessica, but I hope that you will take the time to learn some of her quirks for yourself. I want to see her be a mom. She loves our baby Logan so much, she kisses him goodnight every night. Her love is real.

by Jess

I just love to laugh and be happy. I'm very logic minded. I love data and random facts (Jeopardy is one of my favorite shows). I'm a Front End Web Developer, which is a fancy way of saying "I build websites." I love to code and problem-solve. I'm the extrovert in our relationship, and just love to talk to everyone and build relationships.

Our Furbabies


Burger is our two-year old tuxedo cat, named after Bob's Burgers (we love that show). Burger is Jess's baby. We got him during Covid to be a friend for Chunk. He's very friendly and cuddly. Oddly for a cat, he loves people and pets. He has a huge personality and will actually meow back at you when you call his name.


Chunk was our first fur-baby. One of our nephews named him for us. Chunk is Cas's best friend. He got Chunk right after we lost our son and while Jess was still in the hospital. He's six years old and just loves attention. He loves to lay on the couch and get lazy pets, to be chased, to play with his toys and food. Chunk loves his food. He's a goofy dog, and we couldn't be more grateful for him.

Our Home

We live in Colorado near Pikes Peak. Jess was born and raised here, while Cas was born in Chicago and moved here when he was six.

We love our town. You cannot beat the mountain views. We live near the Pikes Peak highway, and go often in the summer to kayak and take Chunk on hikes. It is very much a family town. We're surrounded by parks, trails, restaurants, and more things to do than we can think of. It is very community oriented, and is constantly hosting events across the city. We're located in the best rated school district in town.

We own a single-family, tri-level home with a huge backyard. We chose our house for the backyard. We have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Cas turned the basement room into his zone for music, art and to store his awesome collectibles. In the last year and a half, we've been renovating our home. We turned the basement into an entertainment/ hangout zone. Cas built a little bar, where we love to sit and watch Avalanche games.

Our Families

We love to love, as cringy as that sounds. We're blessed with amazing family and friends who surround us with support. We have five nephews who range in age from six to eighteen, and one adorable niece who is about to be one. We are blessed that we get to watch each of our nephews and niece grow up and build their own personalities. All of our nephews are insanely funny and just love to joke around and hang out. The oldest just graduated high school and is off to study Biochemical Engineering. His brother is super into computers and wants to study Computer Science. Our youngest nephews love Pokemon, Fortnite and are doing all the sports. Our niece is the happiest, chunkiest little baby. She just started talking and we couldn't be more in love with her.

Jess's mom, grandmother and younger sister live in town, less than fifteen minutes from us. We're very close to all three and hang out regularly having dinners and barbecues. Her younger brother and his family currently live in Phoenix, AZ. We see them three to four times a year, and talk almost every day.

Cas comes from a huge Irish family. His mom lives in Colorado Springs, but the rest of his family live within a 30 minute drive of each other in South Chicago. He's the second youngest of seventeen first cousins, and is close to all of them. We visit Chicago one to two times a year to see everyone.

One Last Thing

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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and read our book. We can't promise to always be perfect, but we can promise to bring an insurmountable amount of love. We promise to raise a child in a home surrounded by unconditional and infinite love. We bring with us a huge family of cousins, aunts, uncles and grandmothers who cannot wait to share their love with another child. We are surrounded by friends and family who support us and are excited to see us achieve our dream of becoming parents.

We are nervous but also very excited and grateful for this opportunity to grow our family. We're open to figuring out whatever level of "openness" is right for you, the baby, and us. We believe that it is in the best interest of the baby that anyone who loves them is present in their life.

~Jessica & Casidhe

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