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Hi there! We're JJ, Lo, & Miles, and we - along with our dog Jack - are SO excited to continue growing our family through adoption! When we're not gathering with JJ's enormous family (Miles is one of 13 cousins & counting!) or visiting Lo's family at the beach in California, we're often hosting friends for a cookout or exploring the lake by our house. Wherever we are, we just love being together. Miles' birth mom blessed our socks off when she chose us to be Miles' parents - you too are creating a beautiful legacy and you should be so so proud. You got this, girl!

New home, sweet home!

“New home, sweet home!” Image

JJ is a custom home builder by trade, and had the challenge of being his own client this past year with the construction of our family home! Lo handled the design & we ended up with a home that we hope serves our family & friends well. Hosting friends & family poolside or fireside is a major priority for us - all three of us are people-people & we love to gather people together.

Our neighborhood is filled with young families & friendly neighbors, many of whom we've met as they walk past our house on the way to the lake or park. We're at the end of a cul-de-sac that is the neighborhood's main path to a big park complete with playground, field, creek, basketball court, picnic pavillion, & woods. Beyond the park is the lake, which is one of Miles' favorite places to explore with its turtles, ducks, & wildlife galore. Texas isn't always known for its outdoor living experience, so we feel very fortunate to live in a community that allows us to enjoy the outdoors all year long, right out our back door!

A bit about us...

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Meet JJ - JJ was born & raised in Texas, and attended college in Oklahoma. He's one of seven siblings and is always teased about being "the favorite." Family gatherings now number 25 , and it's the most wonderful, joyful chaos!

JJ works as a custom home builder, helping families build their dream homes. Miles LOVES visiting JJ's job sites & thinks his dad has the coolest job EVER! JJ is a jack of all trades - if it involves being outdoors & a proficient level of athleticism, you can bet he's done it and is really good at it!

He is seen by our friends as an easygoing, fun-loving, welcoming guy who makes people feel cared-for. He is always calm, cool, & collected, and is never one to complain. He accepts challenges, setbacks, and successes in stride, and is open for whatever God has for him in each new day.

Meet Lo - Lo was born & raised in Southern California, and moved to Texas after college graduation.

With a business degree & a background in fashion, she helped build a home & fashion accessories company that employed refugee women resettled in Texas from all over the world. While Lo loved her work and had never planned on stepping away after kids came, it became clear that being with Miles full-time was the best choice for our family.

Lo loves being with Miles full-time! Teaching him to swim, exploring wildlife at the lake nearby, doing art projects, baking, reading, playing... Lo loves being an active, present mom, and can't wait to add another little person to this party!

Meet Miles - Miles is by far the greatest source of joy in our lives! He is so much fun!

Miles is very active, strong, & capable. People are always shocked by how well he's climbing, swimming, riding his scooter - you name it - for how young he is. He loves being outside and is often swimming, exploring the lake & creek behind our house, riding his scooter, or playing with his trucks in our yard.

Miles is also very loving, and hands out hugs, kisses, and "I love you's" constantly. He is so excited to be a big brother, and has been pretending his stuffed animals are babies, wrapping them in blankets, carrying them around lovingly, and patting their backs.

Miles is SMART. He doesn't miss a beat and has the best sense of humor already. He loves books and will often "read" by himself during rest time or bedtime.

Miles loves playing with his cousins & thrives in our big family environment. He is the only grandchild on Lo's side, and has them completely wrapped around his little finger! Spending time with family is a priority for us us, and we love that Miles really treasures that special time too!

Texas + California

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Lo grew up in Southern California, so we take lots of fun trips back to the beach throughout the year to visit Lo's parents and other friends & family there. At one point, Miles thought all airplanes fly to California!

Miles may have been born in the middle of the country, but he is 100% a beach baby! He has always loved playing in the sand and splashing in the waves. He learned to swim in our pool just after he turned two (thank you quarentine!) and has been begging to swim in the ocean with mommy... maybe next year, buddy!

Puppy Jack

“Puppy Jack” Image

We still call him our puppy, but ol' Jack is now 12 years old. Although you'd never know it from the way he runs around our backyard all day! We made sure to build him his very own doggy door in our new house, so Jack spends everyday outdoors chasing birds & squirrels, as happy as can be.

Miles & Jack have the most precious bond. When Miles first came home, Jack would sleep near him to keep watch. Now that Miles is older, the first thing Miles does every morning is go to Jack's bed and proclaim "Jack is awake!" He then usually says something like "Mom, this is Jack. He's my buddy." It is just the sweetest thing. This boy loves his dog & we're hopeful that Jack will stay healthy & be around for many more memories to come!

Open Adoption

One last thing we'd like you to know about us is that we're hoping for an open relationship with our next child's birth mom. We have been so thankful for Miles' sweet birth mom! We maintain a blog for her, sharing pictures & updates throughout the year, and get together for occasional visits even though she lives out of state. We love her & her sons, and want Miles to have access to them & fun memories with them for years to come. We are proud to tell Miles of how much his birth mom loves him, and we are so thankful he gets to experience that love in person.

We understand everyone is different and has different needs at different times. In no way do we want you to feel pressure to commit to any visitation or communication off the bat, but we would ask that you would consider ways in which you feel comfortable being available to your child, should he or she have questions, or want a relationship of some kind. We want to know you too! But this is not about us, it's about you and your biological child, having a bond that only you will have. We can be many things for this precious child, but his biological parent is not one of them. You will always hold a special place in his or her heart, and we want to cultivate that and protect that as best we can.

We know you love your son or daughter more than anyone could fathom. And we promise, if we become his or her parents, we will do the same.

All our love,

JJ & Lo

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