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Without even knowing you yet we are excited to introduce you to our family and provide insight into our lives. Understanding this time is not easy for you, it is our hope that we will be able to help you make the best choice you can for the future.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!

Adoption is a miracle. We've experienced this gift firsthand because Erica was adopted at birth. This common connection will create a significant bond between our family and our future child. We are so lucky to have found each other and deeply want a baby to complete our family and make it whole. Our hearts and home are ready for a child. We have an overflowing amount of love to give a baby and an infinite amount of happiness to share.

Our Love Story

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Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, Julius moved to Naples, Florida when he was 11 years old with his family. Years later, he moved to Texas to attend college and never wanted to leave.

We randomly ended up in living in the same city, in the same apartment complex, on the same floor in 2012. An unexpected meeting at the museum where Julius worked brought us together.

Erica grew up in New York and spent almost 10 years living and working in Manhattan in the nonprofit sector. With extensive research and planning she decided to move to Texas. As an only child, this was a big decision, but the best decision she ever made.

A few short months into her life in a new state, she attended an event at a museum, meeting Julius. A friendship developed, and then a romance quickly followed. We were engaged in January of 2014 when Julius proposed at the museum where we first met. And, on April 25, 2015, we got married at the same location.

Why We Want to Adopt

Early in our relationship, Erica had to share the heartbreaking news with Julius that she could not get pregnant. Though sad and difficult, we quickly realized that we could overcome any challenge that comes our way - as long as we are together. By communicating clearly and openly discussing our feelings we are able to effectively work through different situations we encountered in starting a family as well as in everyday life.

Our journey to parenthood includes several years of in vitro fertilization, unsuccessful attempts at surrogacy and even a failed private adoption.

We know our baby is waiting for us and believe that adoption is the greatest blessing. Since Erica is adopted, we long for sharing this special connection with our future child.

Meet Our Family

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Both sets of our parents live in Florida and are lucky enough to spend time together throughout the year even without us! We have had close relationships with our parents for our entire lives and know our baby will experience a strong love from their grandparents.

Julius' mom and dad have a second home in Texas where they stay five months out of the year with their French bulldog, Henry. They have a very flexible schedule. When they are blessed with another grandchild, they intend to be nearby to participate in our baby's life and support us as needed.

Jenny (Julius' older sister) and her husband James live in Northern California with their two kids, Parker (6) and Charlotte (4). Up until about two years ago, they lived 15 minutes away from us and we are hopeful they will return so our kids can grow up near their cousins. Parker and Charlotte participate in a variety of activities from dance to t-ball. They both love LEGOs and marine animals. We build towers and forts with the kids, and often bake and decorate cookies together using a recipe from Julius' grandmother.

Our favorite time of year is two weeks we spend each summer all together in California or Colorado. Julius' parents arrange this for us.

Erica's parents have been married for more than 40 years and recently moved to Florida from New York. They're actively involved in many organizations, including Veterans' affairs because her dad served in the Navy. Erica and her mom are exceptionally close and have taken mother/daughter vacations since she was a young girl. Erica's adoption experience has shaped our lives. She is grateful to have these specific parents chosen for her and would not imagine life any other way.

Though our immediate family is spread across the country, we make time to talk, share pictures, and visit. Family is always our priority.

How We Spend Our Time Together

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With family and friends living all across the United States and Europe, we thrive on annual travel traditions. It is important for us to see our family several times a year. Oftentimes we will also take road trips to explore new places or even just to try a restaurant we've read about. As a result of Julius' dynamic work schedule and Erica's former job at a nonprofit, we have constantly supported each other by attending important special events. We regularly volunteer for various charities together. Staying active and exercising is important to us. We enjoy taking walks around our neighborhood and on weekends we'll watch a movie, go to a museum, and spend time with our friends and their babies. We cook together often, though Julius is definitely a better chef!

We truly enjoy each other's company whether we have an activity planned or are relaxing and reading side by side on the couch.

Our Promise to You

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We promise you that the baby you bring into this world will constantly have our support and encouragement. We will provide him/her with all the necessary resources to develop into a healthy and happy child - a child who will be exposed to different cultures and experiences. Volunteering and giving back to the community are values that were instilled on us in our youth and we will continue this tradition with our children.

You can expect this child will receive an excellent education, and will be afforded the opportunity to pursue their interests including whatever special abilities and talents they may have. We believe it is important to develop strong, everlasting relationships and will show this by sharing the many positive examples of reliable, honest and dedicated people in our lives.

With Julius' office less than one mile from our home, and our commitment for Erica to be a stay-at-home mom, we are confident in the level of attention and care that we can offer a child. We look forward to guiding this child through every stage of their life and being actively involved in their personal growth and development. You can be assured that we will raise your baby to be kind, polite, confident, and accepting of others. S/he will always be safe with us.

You will always be in our hearts and your sweet baby will know his/her history and the special way they came into this world. We will forever remember our bond with you and always be grateful that you chose us to be parents to your child.

All our love, Erica & Julius

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