Kris + Ashley

While there are no words that could possibly express our deep, heart-felt gratitude to you for making this important decision, we simply want to say thank you. Thank you for having remarkable courage. Thank you for the opportunity to help us to grow our family, for loving your child, for your gift of life, love, selflessness, conviction, trust and for all the things that you do that leaves us as adoptive parents in awe. For all these things and more we thank you. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about us in this profile. But more importantly, we hope this important decision comes without doubt to you and that you find comfort once you've found the right parents for your child. From the absolute bottom of our hearts...thank you.

About Us

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It's been eighteen years since our first "hello" when Kris swept Ashley off her feet and she stopped him in his tracks. It was a moment that changed our lives forever. Really, it was love at first sight. Because of the way we met, we have a saying between one another, "you had me from hello". We were college sweethearts and are now happily married with two furry children and three daughters who have also stolen our hearts. About ten years ago we made the decision to start a family; to have children to share our unconditional love with. We soon realized God had a different plan for our family and we were always meant to grow our family through adoption. Our journey through infertility and the adoption of our daughters Emeline, Giselle and Josephine, have taught us to enjoy and appreciate life much more than we ever did. We learned we can withstand great obstacles and know that whatever challenges life throws our way, our marriage and our bond will be stronger than before. And now as a family, our daughters have brought an even greater sense of happiness to our lives - a level of joy that only children can bring. Now we yearn to grow our family and share that joy we have created with another child. We have a beautiful life together and we can't wait to share our life with you and this child as we continue down this amazing journey.

About Kris (Through Ashley's Eyes)

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Kris is my dream come true; my happily ever after. He's everything I ever wanted in a husband, but never knew it. He is simply the most wonderful man I know. I love Kris for the way he loves me. He's my biggest supporter, my rock, and my best friend.

From the moment I met Kris I was instantly attracted to him. He is tall, dark and handsome, but more than that, he has a great sense of humor. He keeps me laughing and smiling every day and fills my heart with pure joy. Kris consistently thinks of others before himself and this is the quality I admire most about him. His optimism is something that is contagious, and his courageousness helps me face my fears. He is kind, genuine and honest. Kris is not only an incredible role model to our girls, but he is a silly and playful daddy who makes every experience together fun and exciting. All of these traits make him an amazing husband, a true friend and an exceptional father.

As a father, he is the most loving, devoted and hands-on Daddy I always knew he would be. He is truly my partner every step of the way on our parenting journey. He puts our family first and our happiness is the cornerstone of everything he does in this life. He is a wonderful provider for our family and the ultimate protector of his girls. I'm truly blessed to spend the rest of my life alongside this man and our children are truly blessed to have a doting and fun father who sets such a great example in every facet of his life.

Kris' Work: Kris' constant dedication and passion to succeed in whatever he puts his mind to is something we can all learn from. His work ethic was developed as a young child and those early experiences helped frame where he is today. Kris has spent his entire career in finance in the oil and gas industry. His position allows him the freedom to work from home exclusively and the flexibility to be present anytime we may need him most. This is what he treasures most about his career.

Kris' Hobbies: Grilling, Working Out, Archery and Hunting

About Ashley (Through Kris' Eyes)

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Despite her "enormous" height of 4'11" and weighing less than half of what I do, Ashley's larger-than-life heart is the first thing you'll notice when you see her. Her love and everlasting support of me since we met in college is truly unbelievable. It was in college that she literally stopped me dead in my tracks, and I had to search hard to find my words. Although she doesn't particularly like it when people tell her, she is absolutely adorable and stunningly beautiful. I've had the unique privilege of experiencing life's greatest moments with her - bringing home our baby girls, traveling the world together, raising our two dogs, buying our first house together, dreaming huge dreams for our family, and hopefully one day soon, growing our family with a new baby boy or girl.

Ashley is undeniably beautiful to me, inside and out. She has a keen eye for fashion and loves to get dressed up for any occasion. She is cherished by her friends and family as a dependable and caring person, always willing to lend a hand. She is courageous and selfless, and she is living proof that persistence and dedication will always pay off. She is a girly-girl at heart but can hang out and have fun with the guys.

My greatest memories with Ashley have been watching her closely as she raises our girls with so much love and laughter; she is an incredible Mommy. Each and every night, I kiss my girls goodnight and I know that that those smiley, life-loving babies of ours are who they are because of Ashley's unconditional motherly love. Our girls have not a worry in the world; Ashley ensures that they can just focus each and every day on being a child and soaking up this amazing world. Above all, Ashley is fun, loving, patient, and selfless - all things that make her my perfect partner in life, and an outstanding Mommy to our family.

Ashley's Work: I am grateful and blessed that Ashley chooses to be a stay-at-home mommy to our girls. Every day Ashley wakes up early and loves on our girls - they eat breakfast together, play games together, work on learning new things, play outside, take runs, or bike rides, and go to the park. You will also find Ashley toting the girls to school, many play dates, horseback riding lessons, and dance classes. The girls in turn help Ashley with errands and chores (in whatever way they know how). No two days in our household are alike and Ashley does an unbelievable job of providing fun, safe, and stimulating activities for our girls, so they are always loving life and developing. Ashley is also a very talented photographer, and I've encouraged her to one day become a family and child portrait photographer.

Emeline and Giselle attend a university model school - this means they go to school two days a week and Ashley homeschools them two days a week. On Fridays, they have what we like to call 'Free Play Friday' where they often go on little adventures together or spend a slower day at home playing. This model of schooling has worked beautifully for our family. We have more time together to teach our children, bond as a family and our girls have more time to chase their individual passions.

Ashley's Hobbies: Photography, Health & Fitness, Holidays and Special Occasion Planning, Travel and Baking

Our Girls

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About Emeline

In June 2012, we were blessed with an incredible gift - our daughter Emeline Elise. Our world became a brighter place the day we adopted her. Emeline is made of pure joy, pure love, and an unbreakable spirit. She is full of life. Her sweet smile, big bright eyes and silly nature draw people in, and they can't help but be enamored by her. She never meets a stranger. She is a happy, loving, wise, kind, silly, independent and an active child with such a strong determination to accomplish whatever task she puts her mind to. And she is sharp as a tack. From the moment she was born, Emeline has been so immersed in the world around her, constantly checking out her surroundings, touching and grabbing everything she can and staring at the people in her life with such desire to get to know them better. To this day, she lives her life with such purpose, and we hope she always will. Her brilliant mind and instinct to question the ways of the world will set her on a path to a very bright future. She is a veracious reader, a lover of facts and a whiz on any electronic (she's taught us a thing or two already!). Emeline also enjoys horseback riding, cooking, traveling, Legos, climbing trees, fishing, exploring in nature, Harry Potter, tigers, dragons and teaching herself how to play the guitar. Emeline is the kind of daughter who tells you she loves you 100 times a day, kisses us often and is always dreaming up new ways to make us feel more loved. She exudes love and happiness, and we knew with all our heart, she would make a wonderful big sister. And she has. She's made us proud with how loving and doting she continues to be with her little sisters. Her sisters are her best friends and they have idolized each other from the moment that they met, but more than that, Emeline is Giselle and Josephine's protector, always looking out for their safety and best interests. She's proven to be a wonderful big sister and we've never seen her happier than the moment we told her she would earn her big sister badge once again.

About Giselle

In October 2014 Giselle Laine entered our world in an instant, but we fell in love with her even faster. From the moment we met her, she turned our life into the most beautiful of places. Giselle has been such a gift, such a rare treasure. She was the best baby and now the most easy-going little girl; always sweet, always loving and truly always happy. Giselle radiates joy; with everything she does and everything she is. She brightens every day with her smile, big hugs and her deep belly giggles. We know in our heart of hearts that she will always be a perpetually happy, joyful and positive person. Giselle is a true rule follower, a helper by nature and she was born with a motherly instinct. She is a lover of the dramatics, a performer at heart, a beautiful storyteller, and a sly jokester. It's no secret, she has a very silly side and provides never-ending laughter in our home. She has a fierce determination to learn and thrive in all endeavors and she is brilliant in her very own way. Giselle is a loyal and loving friend, always helping her friends in need, and comforting a classmate who may be hurt, lonely or sad. Giselle loves to get dressed up, never leaves the house in anything but a dress or fancy skirt and is always accessorized. She is the ultimate girly-girl and a lover of fashion just like her mommy. Giselle's passion lies in ballet and she is a graceful and determined dancer. She also has a heart for all animals, especially horses, so our weekly horseback riding lessons are the highlight of her every week. Outside of school and her passions, Giselle loves her family deeply. From the moment we met her, she instantly bonded with Ashley and has been her sidekick ever since. Where you find Ashley, you find Giselle. Giselle's favorite moments are when we enter her world, her imagination and play dolls, unicorns, or her doll house for hours. Giselle has such a kind heart and loving disposition that we knew without a shadow of a doubt, she would be an incredible role model and big sister one day. What we didn't realize is that her motherly instinct was her true gift. She can reach her sister's heart and instantly comfort them in a capacity only a sister could. We will never forget the sheer joy in her eyes the moment we told her she would become a big sister again. She's dreamt of this moment alongside us for so long and she was made for it.

About Josephine

In November 2017, we brought home a tiny 5 lb. 10 oz beautiful baby girl, Josephine Aila. She was perfect in every way and we loved her from the moment we learned of her. Upon bringing her home, her first few days and weeks were filled with confusion, but as time quickly passed, her frown softened and has been replaced with silly, expressive eyebrow raises, she has become our cuddliest little girl who always needs to be touching or caressing someone and she loves to be the center of attention and make us laugh. Not a day goes by that she doesn't delight us with her silly expressions, her goofy demeanor, or her botched attempt at making a joke. Josephine is a thriving, smart, silly, sassy, polite, helpful, hilarious, and loving little girl. In Josephine's words, she loves things to be "perfect", loves all things "fancy" and one of her favorite responses to us is "cool". Josephine is our tidiest child. She follows us as we do our chores and lends a helping hand with a happy heart. Every night before she goes to bed, her room must be clean and have everything in its exact place before she is ready for her "huggies" and "kissies". She has a heart to help others in any way, and it comes so naturally to her. Josephine enjoys reading and writing her letters and she is a talented little artist who loves color. Some of Josephine's favorite things are mermaids, Frozen, babies, cooking, tea parties, crafts, dress-up, dance, games, scootering and snacking. Josephine takes after her big sister Giselle and loves ballet, tap and hip hop. She also enjoys a good living room dance party! Our dogs, Oskar and George know without a doubt that Josephine cares deeply for them. She often stops playing and sits down to cuddle and love on her Oskar and "Porksy". Josephine also adores and idolizes her big sisters just as any little sister does. If they can do it, she wants to try, too. The three of them are an inseparable, unstoppable force. We are incredibly proud of the bond they share, and we are certain Josephine will instantly connect with her little brother or sister just as her sisters have with her.

Our Time Together

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We love traditions - date night every other Friday night and Sunday Suppers with Ashley's family every other Sunday night. We have a tradition of driving our classic truck in a parade every July 4th, hiking in Colorado every Labor Day, visiting the Texas State Cemetery every Memorial Day to pay our respects, ringing in each New Year at our ranch with fireworks, partaking in a giant confetti egg fight that grows with each passing Easter and the list goes on. As you can see, we love traditions and believe each special moment in our life is a chance to celebrate and celebrate big. These are moments outside of work and the stresses of day-to-day life that we can simply focus on our family and each other. Outside of our traditions and celebrations, you will often find us introducing our girls to life as we know it - full of adventure. Our girls share our zest for life, so we spend our time together discovering new things, enjoying the magic of their childhood, and making as many sweet memories together as we can dream up. We find our greatest joy in life's simplest moments and we love to have fun, so it doesn't matter what we are doing as long as we are enjoying it together.

Some of our favorite memories are made when we...

  • Travel
  • Take a road trip to explore the undiscovered places nearby
  • Dive into nature and hike
  • Visit our local zoos
  • Go on long bike rides
  • Are in the water at the pool, the ocean, the river, the lake or even a water park
  • Take the dogs for a walk as a family
  • Have dinner parties and play dates with our friends
  • Go on a family date to get our nails done - even Daddy!
  • Play at the park as if we never left our childhood behind
  • Enjoy a picnic
  • Swing, jump, swim, run through sprinklers and catch bubbles in our backyard
  • Fish
  • Spend long, slow, simple weekends at our ranch

As a couple, we enjoy cooking, exercising, watching movies, attending music concerts, traveling, and best of all just spending quality time together. Fitness and health are also important parts of our lives and we enjoy eating healthy and staying active whether it is by cycling, hiking, or lifting weights together each week. We are best friends and truly treasure each moment we spend together.

Goodbye For Now

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Writing you with anticipation of welcoming home another child is already a dream come true on so many levels for our family. As an only child, it was of upmost importance to Ashley to give our children siblings and now seeing the bond formed between our girls, this experience has been nothing short of incredible to witness. Our hearts are filled with great hope and excitement for that miraculous day when we can welcome another child into our family and love them beyond measure just as we have with Emeline, Giselle and Josephine.

If we have learned anything at all through our life experiences, we have learned to always follow our hearts; our very first instinct. Our hearts have brought us here, meeting you and there's no other place we'd rather be. We hope your heart leads you to a place that gives you strength and brings you comfort as you make such a precious decision.

Your adoption plan is the most generous gift anyone could ever receive. There are no right words we could possibly say to convince you that we deserve to raise your baby. Should you choose us to parent your child, we will cherish you and your amazing gift forever. There won't be a day that goes by that we won't be grateful to you for your selfless and courageous choice.

With love,

Kris, Ashley, Emeline, Giselle and Josephine

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