Mark + Jenn

We are Jenn and Mark. While we truly cannot imagine the emotions you are feeling right now, we want you to know that what you are doing is incredibly brave and selfless. We know this is a time of anxiousness and uncertainty, but the choice you are making for the future of your child is beautiful, and we thank you. This decision is not easy for you, and we will likely never understand how you feel. We want to go on this journey with you. We would love to meet you and get to know each other. In the meantime, we hope our profile tells you the story of our lives, our home, and our love.

Our Love Story

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We met during college in 2003 - Mark's senior year and Jenn's junior year. We had several classes together and belonged to a student organization (Public Relations Student Society of America). A few members from that group went to a conference in New Orleans, and we got to know each other during that time - at group dinners and events. We realized we had a lot in common - including our love of baseball! After that, we started hanging out with each other's group of friends and just had fun.

We continued dating after college. In 2004, Mark moved to North Carolina for an internship, and Jenn moved down after graduation in 2005 to look for employment. The rest is history! We got engaged in 2008 and married Sept. 25, 2010. This is our 10-year anniversary.

We would describe our relationship in two words - loving and fun. We are a partnership, a duo, best friends.

Why Adoption

Deep down, we always knew we wanted a family. We've been together so long that we always said, "When the time is right, it will happen." We just didn't really know how that would happen or the journey that we would be taking. We tried to start our family but endured fertility obstacles along the way. After a year or so of fertility treatments, the roller coaster of emotions that comes along with failed procedures, we decided that however parenthood would come to us, it would be a miracle. And that is how we feel about adoption. We know this is the right choice for us. We firmly believe that there is a higher reason we were led down this path, and to us, that is a true blessing. This is an exciting time for us, and we could not imagine it happening any other way.

Mark by Jenn

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Mark is fun-loving and caring. He always puts me and his family first. He always makes sure we are happy. When times are tough, he works really hard to make us smile and see the positive side of things. He always wants to do the right thing. He is hard working at his job. His colleagues enjoy collaborating with him, and they know they can count on him.

Mark is supportive of my decisions. If he does not necessarily agree with something or someone's opinion, he keeps an open mind. He helps take care of the house - cooking, cleaning, and yardwork. We have a true partnership! Mark will be an awesome father and cannot wait to teach his child and watch them grow up.

Jenn by Mark

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Jenn is one of the most organized and hardworking people I have ever met. She is willing to participate in whatever comes her way, and she's pretty fun too! She loves people as well. She loves not only me but her friends, family, and her close, professional connections. Jenn is always looking for ways to reach out to someone and make their day a little brighter. Our journey through infertility was difficult on both of us. The way Jenn faced the realities of it all so positively was something new for me to witness and experience.

All of these traits and experiences will make her a great mother, parent and friend to our child. She always has been and will be a great wife, spouse and partner for me through life. (Oh, and P.S. - Jenn throws a much better football than I do.)

Our Hobbies

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We really enjoy hiking and being outdoors. We have gone camping and hiked several trails in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee (Great Smoky Mountains). In December 2018, we went to Arizona. We spent several days hiking in Sedona and visited the Grand Canyon. (We really want to visit more of the National Parks. The next places we'd love to see are Zion National Park and Arches National Park in Utah.)

We also enjoy going to the beach - boating, kayaking, and walking. We went to Chatham in Cape Cod for our anniversary in September 2017 and went sailing with a guide and saw harbor seals. (After we spent a few days at the beach, we drove to Boston to see our favorite baseball teams play two games. We had a blast just walking around the city and taking in all the sights and places to see.) Every year, we take a family trip to the beach with Mark's family.

Back in December 2016, we went on a larger sailing trip with a group of friends. We sailed around the British Virgin Islands for a week. It was beyond amazing. We snorkeled for the first time - it was so fun to see all of the different kinds of fish and aquatic plant life. The sailing views were breathtaking. We enjoyed spending time with our friends, swimming, reading and taking some time to just relax.

When we can, we enjoy visiting NYC and Boston. They are two of our favorite cities. Someday, we hope to be able to explore other cities around the country. We've traveled outside the US twice - Dominican Republic and Mexico. We really enjoy learning about other cultures and trying new foods. We hope to be able to travel to Europe (England, France, Germany, and Italy) and other places in the future. We have a very big bucket list!

When we are at home, we enjoy cooking and trying new recipes on the weekends. We also try to get outside as much as possible - whether it's doing yardwork, gardening, walking around our neighborhood, or just sitting on the porch enjoying the day (or evening). We also listen to music after dinner - one of our favorite artists is Amos Lee. So sometimes instead of watching something silly on TV or watching our favorite baseball team lose, we'll turn on one of his albums and be content.


Our home is a quaint, little green house on the corner of our street. There are two floors - bedrooms upstairs and an open kitchen and living room space downstairs with a separate dining area. We have several flower beds around our house and backyard and have a small vegetable garden that we use all year-round. Our community has a nature trail, pool and playground. There are tons of families and children.

We live in a small, college town with an eclectic community. When walking or driving through the main street in town, you'll often see younger people and families out and about, people reading on the "village green", listening to outdoor music, enjoying coffee at the local coffee shop, etc. There is also a farmer's market every Saturday. It's a family-oriented town. We have a great greenway and parks system with nature trails and bike trails. Since we love the outdoors, we cannot wait to have our child join us on walks, bike rides and to take them to the farmer's market and teach them all about gardening and different veggies throughout the seasons, to go have hot chocolate in the winter and ice cream in the summer!

Our Traditions

Every year, we go to the beach with Mark's family - mother, father, brother and our nephews. We have dinner together every night - we each take turns cooking. It's fun to end the day with a good dinner and lots of laughs. We cannot wait until we're able to take our child with us and show them all of our favorite places and fun things to do. And we can't wait to find out what their interests at the beach are. (Our nephews are too old to build sandcastles so we're looking forward to being able to do this again!)

We also have Christmas day dinner (or brunch) at our house every year. Jenn's dad comes down and spends Christmas week with us. Mark's parents join us along with Mark's brother. We are excited for the time when we can have our child be a part of such a great day and start new traditions during the holidays. We are really looking forward to baking cookies with our child and watching holiday movies - and most importantly, showing them that Christmas isn't just about presents. It's about family and celebrating the season.

We just started a new tradition of going on a hike on New Year's so that will also be a fun way to start the year - on a family hike.

And we can't wait to introduce baseball to our child. Opening Day will be more fun. (Of course, if they are interested in another sport or none at all, that's OK! We will start our own little traditions.)

We also think it would be fun to start a family movie night and also a fun family food night - like Pizza Fridays!

Before You Go

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We hope that you are able to get a glimpse into our lives and know that we will be loving and nurturing parents to your child. The decision you are making truly comes from the heart. We thank you for that.

We promise to love this child with everything we have - through the ups and downs, through the laughter and tears.

We promise to put this child first in everything we do.

We promise to give this child a safe and caring home.

We promise to create a fun and engaging environment for this child.

We promise to love this child - unconditionally.

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