I can't imagine the circumstance you are in and how difficult this decision is for you. I want to thank you for loving your child so much that you want to give them a different life. What you are doing is the most selfless and caring thing I can imagine, and I admire you for it. I also want to let you know that I am grateful for you and that you would consider me to raise your child. It is an honor.

About Me & Why I'm Here

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I am originally from Baltimore and went to college and medical school in Philadelphia. When I was growing up, I was never popular, which, in hindsight, taught me about inclusivity and kindness. I can say that I have always been awkward, but now I realize that my awkwardness is actually quirkiness. I am a ride or die kind of friend where I will do what I can for the people I love. I love to travel. I have been on an African safari in Kenya and Tanzania, hiking in Sedona with a friend of mine, and last summer, I went to Yellowstone and Tetons for a hiking trip, and had a close encounter with a brown bear!

I have always wanted to have children. My ex and I struggled with infertility for many years. I have had miscarriages as well as failed rounds of in-vitro fertilization. I am so excited to embark on this journey to be a mother. When I found out that my application was approved, I did a happy dance in my office because it is one step closer to meeting this child.

My Home

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I live in a nice walking neighborhood. I can walk to the supermarket and restaurants as well as friends' houses. There is a really nice walking trail close to my house. My house is 90 years old and has a lot of personality, which is what I like about it. There is a fireplace which is great when it's cold outside. I have a fenced in yard with some garden beds as well as a swing set . I never grew up in a walking neighborhood, so I love the freedom of being close to everything without having to drive. There are a fair number of children and young families in my neighborhood which would give this child a great social outlet. There are also amazing schools close by.

My Pets

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I have two pets who I call by anything but their real names.

Beezus (aka Peanut Butter) is the queen bee. She is a tuxedo cat that I adopted in 2009 and is 12 years old. She is the smartest mammal in the house and rules the roost. She is a bit aloof but will show affection on those rare instances. She loves to lay in the sun outside but is also quite lazy.

Sig (aka Bug E Bear) is a Rhodesian ridgeback mix and is about 9 years old. I adopted him in 2012. He loves women and children, especially if he is given a baby carrot. He loves to run outside after the rabbits and squirrels. He is skittish around men but once he knows you, he is quite affectionate and will give you lots of kisses. He has this oversized rawhide bone in the shape of a candy cane that he carries around. This bone is 4 years old and he has yet to realize that it is edible. He enjoys chasing after and nuzzling with Beezus, who he is scared of.

My Family & Traditions

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I am the first American in my family. I am close to my father and brother and though they do not live closeby, they are both supportive of adoption. My brother is married and has a son who is a toddler. I see my family during important holidays like Thanksgiving and Passover.

I am also very close to one of my cousins who does not live close by, but we facetime every chance we get.

Passover is a very important holiday for my family and me and I look forward to this child participating in the Seder (meal). There is a tradition where we hide Matzoh for the children and they have to look for it and they get some money. This year, my father and some friends (with their children) came over and I gave the children money with the caveat that they had to donate some of it to charity.

My Promise

Thank you for considering me in this important decision. I promise to love this child and raise them with patience and understanding. I promise that they will learn and respect where they came from.

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