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Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents. It is an honor, and we are incredibly thankful for your consideration. We cannot begin to understand what you are thinking and feeling. We know that you must already be so in love with your child to choose adoption. It is a choice that takes strength, honesty, compassion, and of course, love. If chosen we will love and build your child up to his/her greatest potential every day of their life and never take being their adoptive parents for granted. We will pray for you in this difficult decision as God leads you to the right adoptive parents for your child.

Our Story

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Our very first "official" date consisted of us going to an event called Light Up Louisville. We both grew up in Southern Indiana and Louisville, KY is right across the river from us. Light Up Louisville is a parade the city of Louisville has where Santa Claus comes down Main Street and turns on all the Christmas lights in downtown Louisville. It's been a tradition of ours to attend Light Up Louisville every year, and we haven't missed one since 2013.

Dating for us consisted of typical date night stuff like dinner and a movie. We are both avid sports fans and some dates would consist of going to see our favorite sports teams. Being from Indiana, Emily is a die-hard Indiana Hoosier fan and Tim is a huge Louisville Cardinals fan. We got married in 2016 in southern Indiana in the very same room we met during church on that first, random Sunday. We have no doubt that God brought us together. Our wedding was perfect. It was full of laughs about tater tots (what we ate on our unofficial first date), crying when Indiana loses (Emily is that passionate about Indiana sports), and man buns (Tim used to have a man bun). It was also very special for us to tie our cord of three strands and say our vows in front of our family and friends.

Our relationship can best be described as an adventure. We both love to travel, and since we met in 2013 in Indiana, we have moved to Chicago, Illinois (a city very near and dear to our hearts), and now reside in Texas. We didn't know where God would lead us, but we've trusted in Him all along the way. The same applies to our family. We never knew we wouldn't be able to have our own children, but excited for the adventure of adoption and meeting you as well as our future child.

Why Adoption

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We are so excited to grow our family through adoption. Adoption has always held a special place in our hearts. Emily's older brother was adopted by her dad. Emily also had a family member growing up that adopted two babies only a few weeks apart. We also wanted to have our own, if possible. Emily's dream has always been to get married and start a family. We would talk about names for our future children even when we were just dating. When we started trying to get pregnant, it wasn't working. We tried for about a year and a half before Emily went to the doctor. They did lots of bloodwork, tests, and an ultrasound; however, they found nothing wrong. Unfortunately, after a few tests, Tim was diagnosed as infertile. We prayed and have found hope, peace, joy, and confidence in God leading us to adoption. We are so excited and trust in His plan and perfect timing to lead us to our child through adoption!

Meet Emily

Hi! I am Emily. I am excited to meet you and tell you a little bit about myself. I am a Christian. I love Jesus and came to know Him in college. I have a social work degree and a religion degree. Children are my passion. I have been a nanny for about four years but before that I worked with children for almost four years at the YMCA. My first niece was born when I was thirteen so I have been around children since then. I am quiet and somewhat shy until you get to know me. Then I will talk your ear off. I love to run. I ran my first marathon a few years ago and almost qualified for the Boston Marathon. That is my ultimate goal in running. I am extremely competitive. I love all sports. The Indiana Hoosiers and the Chicago Cubs are my favorites. I am compassionate and I care a lot about people. I love people and want them to feel that when they are around me.

Meet Tim

Hi! My name is Tim, and I am excited to get to know you. I am an avid sports fan and absolutely love going to games. My favorite sport is basketball. I love NCAA basketball, especially for March Madness. My favorite college basketball team is the Louisville Cardinals. I also really enjoy the NBA, and although I don't really have a favorite team, I root for the Chicago Bulls. I don't really have a favorite team because I mainly like certain players and sometimes, they get traded. My favorite NBA player is Kevin Durant. I also really like Donovan Mitchell because he played college basketball at the University of Louisville. Football is another sport that I really enjoy. My two favorite college football teams are Notre Dame and University of Louisville. As far as the NFL, I really like the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears. And lastly, I love baseball and my favorite team is the Chicago Cubs. We lived in Chicago when the Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years and it was one of the coolest experiences of my lifetime. I'm very passionate about education. I was the first person from my family to go to college and now I have three degrees. I have an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Indiana University, a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University, and a Master of Science in Business Analytics from the University of Notre Dame. I am currently a consultant which means I help businesses solve problems especially when it comes to data.

Winnie the Mini-Goldendoodle

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We have one dog, Winston, whom we affectionately call Winnie. He is a miniature Goldendoodle (poodle and golden retriever). He is two years old. We got him when he was 8 weeks old. He is the sweetest, most loving dog in the world, and he loves to snuggle! He is also a giant goofball. Winston loves to play with his toys and other dogs. The dog park is his favorite place in the world as he gets to run wild and play with other dogs in the neighborhood.

Our Home

We currently live in Texas. After moving from Chicago to Texas, we wanted to keep experiencing that "big city" vibe by living downtown. Our apartment complex has many amenities including a gym to workout in, a theater to watch movies, and "sky lounge" to hang out and play board games, and a roof top pool. We love to hang out at the pool and enjoy the sun. We also live close to trails where we can enjoy nature and running outside. Although we love living downtown, we realize it is not the most ideal place to raise a child and we have plans to buy a home with plenty of space as well as a back yard for Winston and our future children to play!

Our Hobbies

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We really, really love sports! We love going to many sporting events including Cubs baseball games in Chicago, Indianapolis Colts football games, and any Indiana Hoosier or University of Louisville basketball game we can catch. We also really enjoy going to University of Louisville football games and University of Texas football games, but our favorite is going to watch Notre Dame Football games in South Bend, Indiana. We also really enjoy music and love going to concerts.

We also love traveling! Anywhere with a beach is pretty much our favorite place to travel. Work has taken Tim to many places across the United States and even to Toronto, Canada for his first international trip. Emily has traveled to a few countries in the Middle East, and Tim is extremely jealous she was able to visit Dubai, the number one spot on his bucket list. Tim was born in Guam and hasn't been back since he was about 4 years old. We would love to travel there together. However, our honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico was one of the coolest places we've been!

Our Promise

We would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little more. Our hope is that after looking over our profile, you've learned what we are like, what our interests are, and that you can envision your child as part of our family. We also hope that this helps you know without a shadow of a doubt your child will be taken care of and loved. Our promise to you is to shower your child with so much love! We promise to do our best to love your child unconditionally for who they are. We also promise to raise your child in Christ's example and live a holy life. Once again, thank you so much for considering our family!

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