Todd + Amy

We can't even begin to imagine all the different emotions you are going through. We have tried for many years to build our family and we are so excited to pursue adoption. Your decision will give us one of the greatest and most selfless gifts imaginable...the gift of a family. We hope that as you read through this profile, you will find comfort knowing that we will give your child a life filled with love and happiness.

Our Life Together

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We met in June 2005 when we lived in Illinois through some mutual friends. Okay, yes, it was a blind date, but luckily, our friends saw that we were great for each other and the rest is history!

After only three dates, Todd helped me move into my new house (if he is willing to help you move, you know he is a good guy) and proposed six months later dressed as Santa Claus. We were inseparable after that and married in June 2007, surrounded by all our family and friends.

After one year of marriage, Todd's job and warmer weather brought us to Texas. While it was hard to say goodbye to all our friends and family, it made us become even closer and stronger as a couple. After 8 years, we now call Texas "home" and find ourselves saying "Y'all!"

5 Things We Love

1. Our furry family members

2. Time with family

3. Traveling and exploring new places

4. The beach

5. Time with friends

About Amy

Amy spent 10 years working in education as an elementary school teacher and curriculum director for a large school district and loved working with children! She decided to switch careers several years ago and now has a very successful jewelry business with a sales team. Continuing in her passion for teaching, she also leads business trainings and mentoring for her sales team. Amy's career provides flexibility to be able to stay at home with our child.

5 Things Todd Loves About Amy

1. She is passionate and she makes me feel so loved. Not only through her actions, but also through her words. I can't wait to see her share this same love with our child.

2. She is such a caring and compassionate person. She is always thinking of others before herself. She's the first to call a friend to catch up and to plan a get together.

3. She is so outgoing. It's amazing to watch her talk to anyone and become instant friends with them.

4. She is a planner. Whether it be planning our next exciting vacation or just what we are going to do for the weekend, she is all over it.

5. She is motivated in all aspects of her life. Professionally, she is so driven and talented! Personally, she keeps us organized and moving forward in our daily lives.

About Todd

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Todd has a very successful career as a claims department manager for a major auto and property insurance company. He has been with the company for 15 years now and enjoys having an office very close to home with the flexible option to work from home occasionally. His company is very family oriented and provides time off for new fathers too! He can't wait to spend those first several weeks at home with Amy and the new baby!

5 Things Amy Loves About Todd

1. He is a great listener. Whether it's good or bad, I know he will be there to listen. He is so level-headed and always helps me to see a different perspective.

2. He has a great work ethic. This has benefited him with a very successful career! At home, he does DIY projects and makes sure we have everything we need to be very happy.

3. He is very caring and compassionate. I know this will make him a great father to our child.

4. He loves to cook. And is really good at it too! It's been a great way for us to spend time together while he teaches me!

5. He is really adventurous. I have tried so many new foods and experiences with him. On vacation, he likes exploring ancient ruins or going on a hike to a secluded beach.

Meet Our Family

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One thing we certainly have in common is the unconditional love and support from our families.

Amy grew up with her mom, dad and brother, but from there, her family extends to 16 aunts and uncles (plus their spouses) and 35 cousins. So, needless to say, Christmas with Amy's family is quite an experience! Amy's parents are both retired and are ready to visit Texas regularly to be involved in their new grandchild's life.

Todd grew up with his mom, dad and sister. His extended family isn't nearly as large as Amy's, but he still has quite a few aunts, uncles and cousins. Todd's parents both still work, but are very close to retirement. They've been talking about moving to Texas once they do to be closer to us and to be an active part of their new grandchild's life.

Amy and Todd share a very unique bond in growing up with their siblings:

  • Amy's brother, Bryan was profoundly mentally disabled and functioned at a two-year old level his entire life. Even though Bryan was never able to speak, it was such a cool thing to see how he just lit up whenever he heard Amy's voice. After such an amazing life, Bryan passed away at the age of 29.
  • Todd's sister Amy, was born with cerebral palsy and has been confined to a wheelchair her entire life. Despite her disability, she has been such an inspiration! She earned her masters degree in social work and has worked in education as a social worker. Recently she has even become a published author!
  • Growing up with our siblings certainly gave us a different perspective throughout our childhood and caused us to really appreciate our families and experiences.

Our Pets

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We're so lucky to have two amazing dogs, Beau and Radar, both of whom we adopted from a local shelter. They are both very well behaved, and we know they will be great playmates for our child. Our favorite thing to do with Beau and Radar is go to the local dog park and on neighborhood walks. We can't wait to take our new baby on walks with our dogs too!

Home Sweet Home

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We live in a large neighborhood in Texas. Our subdivision is very family friendly with three pools and several playgrounds, parks and ponds scattered throughout. The highly rated elementary school is located in our neighborhood and within walking distance of our home. There's also a Farmers Market close by where we go often and get some fresh meat and vegetables to cook for dinner. Our home is situated in such a perfect spot with great sunset views from our back patio. We have a nursery and a playroom waiting for the arrival of our child and our large backyard is just begging for a swing set and a sandbox!

Our Promise to You

We hope that learning about our lives, together and as individuals, will help you on your own journey. The sacrifice you make will be the greatest gift we've ever received, and we promise that your child will be raised in a home filled with love and laughter, and will grow up surrounded by a large and loving family.

We have been waiting a long time to become parents. We have each other, our dogs, great careers, a loving family and amazing friends, but we know a child will complete our family. We have so much to offer and share with a child and we know we will be a great parenting team!

We Will:

  • Love our child unconditionally
  • Be great role models and lead by example
  • Provide a safe, loving home and family
  • Allow them to be a child, while nurturing their dreams and aspirations
  • Teach the importance of faith and having God in our lives
  • Teach them how to help others and be a positive part of our community
  • Emphasize education and building strong character
  • Always have an open line of communication and be there for guidance

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