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A quick look at us...We've been together 10 years & married for 3 years. Our pup is named Otis, and we are hoping to grow our family with more children & dogs in the future. Thank you for taking the time the learn more about us and our community of friends & family!


We simply view adoption as God's plan for us. We've had some struggles with infertility, and instead of continuing with the doctors visits, tests, and alternative options, we have chosen to pursue adoption. Soon after making this decision, we felt a sense of peace that had been missing from our lives. We know it won't be easy on either side of the adoption process, but we are ready for the journey and thankful for the opportunity to get to know you better.



Claire is the glue that holds our family together. I don't know what I would do without her in my life. She is responsible, always keeps our calendar and finances straight and makes sure we're never late to anything. She is incredibly thoughtful, always putting others first and going the extra mile to make sure a gift or note feels even more special. That thoughtfulness shows her friends (and me) how much she cares about them. Claire is also incredibly loyal. Some of her closest friends date back to elementary school! All of these amazing qualities give me confidence that she will be a great mother. She makes me proud to be her husband and I love her more every day! 3 words to describe Claire: Thoughtful, responsible & loyal



Drake is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life. He is a joy to be around and brings a light to our home and family. One of Drake's greatest strengths is how kind-hearted he is towards me, our families, friends, co-workers and even strangers. He is a beautiful example of how to treat other people and I can't wait for him to share that mentality with our children. He does small, thoughtful things like bring me a surprise Fanta and pack of M&Ms...one of my favorite treats. He is just the BEST!

3 words to describe Drake: Kind-hearted, relaxed & funny


We were both lucky to have great upbringings, and it has given us a great example of how we'd like to raise our children. We are very close with both of our families, and it is such a blessing that they get along so well. They even do things together without us! We live very close to Claire's family, so we are able to have family dinners and do things together around town. Drake's family is more spread out, but we like to go on trips together, and his parents come down to visit often. They're all so excited to welcome a child into our family!


“MR. OTIS” Image

When we went to the shelter, most of the dogs were going crazy as we walked by their crates. Then we saw Otis, sitting quietly in the corner. We knew that he was the one for us, and he has been such a joy in our lives. While he's come out of his shell over time, he still has that calm energy. He is always gentle and loving with our friends, family and other children. We love taking him for walks around the neighborhood, and he gets so excited every time we see another dog. Drake works close to home, so he is able to come home at lunchtime to take him out and play. Otis loves eating (he'll do anything for a treat), his pillow, and getting 'pets' from everyone. He is the perfect dog and such a fun part of our family.


From themed baby showers, to Monster Jam and movie nights, we love spending time with our friends. Some we've known since elementary school and some we met after college. We even bought a big dining room table to make sure we could host big dinners with friends and family at our home. It is a blessing to have such a close group of friends nearby. After telling everyone about our adoption journey, all of our friends have been supportive and want to help however they can. Many of them have children of their own and have already started giving us all kinds of parenting advice. We can't wait to introduce our child to this group of friends, and to see all of our children grow up together as their own group of friends.


We live in the neighborhood where Claire grew up, so she knows all of the best spots - parks to walk Otis, ice cream places, and even the movie theater with the comfiest seats. We love the safe and small-town feel that comes from living in a suburb of a big city. You may even run into someone you know at the grocery store! At the same time, we also have the benefits of being close to a big city, with sports arenas, theaters, museums and an airport. There are great schools nearby (that Claire also attended!), which we feel are important for a child to learn and grow. We are involved at our church, the same one Claire grew up in and her parents still attend. Drake has led the same small group for over four years, and he coaches a basketball team (2020 league champions!). Claire is on the Holiday Festival committee, and we both served as mentors to a single mother through a transitional housing program. It is a supportive community - a place for fellowship and outreach - and we feel it is a wonderful place to raise a child.


“OUR HOME” Image

About a year ago, we moved into our current house to make it our "forever home." We chose it because of the natural light that brightens every room, the yard for Otis to play in and more bedrooms to fill as we grow our family. It's been a blessing, and we love it more and more every day. We're close to Claire's parents, Drake's golf course, and our favorite grocery store. We also live in a highly rated school district. Drake has big plans for the unfinished basement...but that is a future project. We love that our house has become the spot where everyone gathers for birthday celebrations, tailgates, or a random weeknight dinner. If friends are in town, they know they have a place to stay, and we love hosting them. It will be a real joy to see our house transformed as it becomes a true family home.


Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile! Now that you know more about us, we'd like to close by sharing our hopes for the future and the promises we will keep as adoptive parents.

As for the future, we hope to have multiple children and continue to live in our current community. We were married in the church that Claire grew up in, and it's where we plan on raising our family.

We know we aren't perfect, and we don't expect to be perfect parents. But what we do expect is to give it our best effort every day, love our child unconditionally, and do our best to raise our child like our parents raised us...

With a confidence to take on life's challenges,

A gratefulness that acknowledges life's many gifts,

A humbleness to know that much of life is out of our control,

And a joy that makes life fun to live with those around you.

The world can be a crazy place, but we will do everything in our power to give our child the best chance to succeed. We will love them, support their interests, and give them the best opportunities for education, community service, and any other activities they choose.

We promise to provide positive role models for our child. We promise to be fair, discipline when necessary, and always celebrate life's accomplishments. We promise to fulfill our pre-placement agreements, but to also respect your privacy and feelings.

Last but not least, we promise to continue investing in OUR relationship as a couple. To love each other unconditionally, challenge each other, and grow even closer in our marriage. We know that our relationship is crucial to being good parents, so we will not lose our focus on the entire reason we want to start a family - our love for each other.

We hope to talk with you soon,

Claire & Drake

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