Kelsey + JD

We are JD and Kelsey! We would love to grow our family with adoption. We live in a big cabin on a lake and have two dogs, two cats, and some laying hens. We love going to Church, visiting state/national parks, and going to sports games!


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Hi! I'm JD, and I love Jesus. I drive a water truck for work, but I also know how to weld and do a lot of woodworking and mechanic work. I am a retired saddle bronc rider and team roper (I was a header). I LOVE Dr. Pepper, MASH (an old TV show; if you know, you know), and Flaming Hot Cheetos. My dog, Maxine (a red-tri Australian Shepherd) is my shadow and goes everywhere with me. I hope to one day have a little boy or girl to shadow me, too.

Random Facts About Me:

-I sing if I'm happy, and I can actually keep up with a melody to the song even if I change the words.

-I am an excellent swimmer and have a PADI dive certification; Kelsey is able to snorkel.

-I got to dive with sharks at Bass Pro's largest aquarium in Springfield, Missouri!


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Hey! I'm Kelsey, and I love Jesus! I am a physician assistant, and I treat patients from newborns to older folks. I know how to play some piano, shoot archery, and I know American Sign Language. I also like to cook, bake, and crochet, though I am not very crafty! I love to read and I am always interested in learning new things. My dog, McCoy (a blue merle Australian Shepherd) follows me everywhere, but one day I hope to have a little boy or girl that will follow me!

Random Facts About Me:

-I can pull my own espresso shots (but JD thinks it's just 'hot bean water').

-I am able to speak passable Spanish and I am trying to learn more to help my patients every day!

-I have spent a summer in west Africa and LOVED IT. I have been to Mexico several times but only recently made my first trip into was COLD.

Fun Times!

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We love to spend time outside, and recently got the chance to visit Yellowstone and Big Sky, Montana! We also love to take our dogs to the national parks nearby, if we can. Random facts about us:

-We love totchos (nacho tator tots).

-We binge-watch old sitcoms (currently "Frasier" and "The Golden Girls"), but we also enjoy different shows (I have a soft-spot for "Murder, She Wrote", and JD loves "Hell's Kitchen" and "Master Chef").

-We make it a point to buy a Christmas ornament for every place we visit. We currently have ornaments for the island of Grenada, Mt Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Monument, Las Vegas, and Yellowstone (among others).

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