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Our story begins with a neighborhood game of basketball and Jennifer's wonderful matchmaking Uncle Steve! He introduced us and we talked for hours. We connected instantly over our love of animals, Food Network cooking shows, and of course, basketball! Since then we have had many adventures and have 4 dogs we love very much. We'd like to tell you more about our life together and hope to one day learn more about you and your hopes and dreams for yourself and your child.

Dear Expectant Mother,

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We are beyond grateful and excited that you have not only taken the time to learn about us, but to also consider us to be your child's adoptive parents. We can only imagine how difficult this may be for you and we can't help but admire your courage and selflessness. Through your bravery and selfless act of creating an adoption plan, we know you are making this decision because you want to do what is best for your child.

It is such an incredible act of love and sacrifice to create this plan for your child and we would love to be part of your plan. We look forward to developing a relationship with you. We can promise you your baby will always be loved, supported, encouraged, and guided through life. We hope our story touches your heart as you consider us as adoptive parents.

Our Story

Our story begins with a neighborhood game of basketball and Jennifer's wonderful matchmaking Uncle Steve! He introduced us and we talked for hours. We connected instantly over our love of animals, Food Network cooking shows, and of course, basketball! We began dating shortly after meeting and the rest is history!

Mark proposed in September 2008. The evening began with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and ended with a starry night stroll on the Woodlands Waterway. Just as Mark proposed to Jennifer, a boat full of people shouted "Congratulations!" as they sailed by on the Waterway. Talk about perfect timing! It was a wonderful memory that we will carry with us always!

We were married on June 27, 2009 in League City, Texas on a yacht called the Royal Princess. It was a wonderful day full of love and celebration with our family and friends. Our loved ones often tell us that it was a very unique wedding and how much they enjoyed sailing the evening away along the bay!

A little about Mark by Jennifer

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Mark is my best friend and an amazing husband! He is the most patient and kindhearted person I have ever known, and he has always been a great support system for me. He is amazing with our nephews, and it warms my heart to watch him run around and play with them. One of our nephews even calls him "Captain America!" I really admire how Mark finds ways to help others in the community. He is very involved in the Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce and is involved in many community service projects throughout the year. I have been so blessed to call Mark my husband. He works very hard for his family, and he is always there to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

A little about Jennifer by Mark

“A little about Jennifer by Mark” Image

Jennifer is the most kind hearted and loving person I have ever met. She gives of herself selflessly, and is thoughtful, nurturing and kind. Jennifer has a big heart, and it especially shows in her love of animals. If she had the means, our yard would turn into a zoo! Jennifer has been an amazing partner in life. She is always supportive of me, and wants the best for our family. Jennifer won't even think twice about sacrificing things for herself for the benefit of her family. I know she's going to be the best mom. I've been truly blessed to not only have Jennifer as my wife, but as my best friend and partner in life, and I can't wait to see her as a mom to our child.

Enjoy the little things

We love having adventures together! We believe that spending quality time together helps us to recharge and explore our amazing world. Some of our favorite things to do involve being outside. We love to spend time on the lake, take in an outdoor concert, or explore nature while hiking. We also love to attend sporting events. Some of our greatest memories involve taking our dogs to our local dog park. We really enjoy watching them explore and play! We look so forward to bringing our child on our adventures with us!!

Our Dogs

We have four loveable dogs. Lexie is a sweet blue heeler / lab mix with a very easy-going personality. Emma is a terrier mix that loves cuddles and playing ball. Bitzi is our spunky and sweet chihuahua. Diezel is a shih tzu that is a friend to everyone. We love spending time with our dogs at the dog park or just going for a walk in the neighborhood.

Our Home

We live in a quiet, family-friendly acreage community. Many of our neighbors own beautiful horses, and we are planning on getting a few horses soon! Our home is a one story with a large front and back porch and 1.5 acres to run around and perfect for a swing set!

Our home has four bedrooms, one of which will be a great playroom. Our community is very family-oriented and hosts neighborhood Easter egg hunts, hay rides, and other events for children and families to enjoy.

We love our home and enjoy the many shade trees on our property. We also love the pocket parks, pool area, and numerous ponds tucked away in the neighborhood (great for fishing). We love just watching the deer roam around the neighborhood!

Our Parenting Style

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Our parenting style will always come from a foundation of love and support. It's important to us to raise our child in a loving environment full of closeness and compassion. One thing is certain, we can't wait to be parents. There are so many things we are looking forward to - first steps, first words, learning to ride a bike, playing outside, and being silly. It's an experience that we have wanted for many, many years.

As our child gets older, we will help guide him or her through life and will be a support system. We'll help teach our child that hard work, dedication, and humility are some of the most rewarding qualities. And most importantly, we'll be available to our child. We'll be at games, concerts, plays, and presentations, just to name a few.

We will strive to raise a generous, respectful, and kind-hearted person who gives of him or herself and works to help others.

Our Promise of Love

Our hearts go out to you, as we can only imagine the difficult journey you have experienced to this point. We'll forever be grateful for your amazing sacrifice and gift of love. It will be our goal to honor you as we raise our child to know and embrace the very special way he or she came into our lives and completed our family.

Our promise to you, is one of love. We will raise our child in a loving, supportive home, on a foundation of faith, and with unconditional love. You will always be the mother of our child, and we will raise him or her to know you. Your special gift of love will always be honored in our home.

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